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Online Dating Websites: Cookie and Magnus – Our Cats Helped Us Meet

internet dating sites


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How to Read a Dating Profile

I met lonely men who wanted a mother, and sad though it may seem, loneliness simply isn’t a turn-on.  I had a blazing argument with a man who, when I only wanted one glass of wine, drank the rest of the bottle and got aggressive.  I was stood up several times.  I nearly acquired a stalker, and that made me wary of giving out my unusual surname and address too early on.

Close…But Not Quite Right

internet dating sitesI had a few minor successes.  John lived in a village nearby; he was intelligent and interesting, and we had much in common.  But, his constant negativity wore me down, and I decided that I’d rather spend evenings alone that have to listen to him, and that was it.  Steve was lovely, but he lived at the other end of the country, and I soon realised I’d never see him as anything other than a friend.  Pete seemed nice, but clearly, he wasn’t interested in me.  And so it went on…

I Started Paying for Better Internet Sites

At some point, I switched to paying sites.  At least it weeded people out a bit, and the ones you met were serious about wanting a partner.  There seemed to be fewer weirdos too…and there are a lot of those.  It is the internet of course!  The Guardian Soulmates site was recommended to me.  I’m not a Guardian reader, and I’m not really leftwing, but it seemed worth a try.  I joined and paid for six months, but while on a superficial basis there seemed to be quite a lot of nice men on there, I still didn’t meet anyone remotely…special.

Then I Met Cookie and David

About a year ago, I was ready to give up completely.  I was just flipping through profiles on the Guardian Soulmates website for something to do, when I came upon David’s profile.  It was slightly unusual, in that it purported to be written by his cat, Cookie.  But, it wasn’t hokey or silly; in fact, it was rather clever and amusing.  It was also correctly spelled and punctuated, and you can call me an intellectual snob if you like, but misspelled profiles were instantly consigned to my personal dating junk pile.

David loved cats, which was a must with me (I have five).

He lived on a narrowboat touring the canals, which sounded interesting.  And, he was basically happy alone but looking for friends, so he probably wasn’t needy or wanting nothing but sex.  He looked…presentable and pleasant…which would do.  I care about looks, but not all that much.

My Subscription Ran Out

There was only one problem.  My subscription had run out, and to contact David, I’d have to pay to join, which I hadn’t planned to do, again.  What to do?

I read David’s profile several times, and finally decided on a solution.  I’d join for the minimum of three months, just so that I could contact him.  If that didn’t work out…and past history told me that of course, it wouldn’t…that was it for me.  So I did, and I got my cat Magnus to write to Cookie, of course!   And, once our cats had agreed that their humans needed company other than cats, David wrote to me.

One day, when his boat was fairly close to my home, we met up, and though it wasn’t love at first sight and bells didn’t ring, we got on rather well.  So, we met again, and again, and again…  When winter came, he moored the boat quite close to my house.  And a year ago, when the winter weather got totally horrendous and the boat was iced in and he couldn’t empty the toilet or get any water, he moved in here with Cookie for a bit, going back now and then so that we could both have our own space for a while, then coming back.

Eventually he stopped going back, and he finally put the boat up for sale.  And, that is about where we are at right now.  I’m not sure if we’ll be living happily ever after, but things seem pretty good for the present.  That’ll do for me.

And, I can spell out a moral to this little story…or ten, if you want me to, but I think I’ll leave it up to you….

Author Bio:

Helen has written many books including Your First Cat or Kitten: Choosing and Caring for a Feline Friend. Find all of Helen Krasners books at Amazon.com.

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Helen Krasner has been writing for most of her life but she has always done many other things besides writing. She has travelled the world, visiting around 70 countries. She has a degree in psychology and has worked as an occupational psychologist, she has been a meditation teacher, and she worked in marketing and market research for some years. She practises yoga, has a longstanding interest in complementary medicine, and has been a cat owner for around 30 years. She also flies both small aeroplanes and helicopters, and holds a Commercial Helicopter Licence and Instructor's Rating. Read more about Helen at her website must-fly.com.

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