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Free Places to Make Friends After Your Divorce

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by Christina Gregoire

One of your priorities after going through a divorce should be to make new women friends. But, where can you find them?

I know you were surprised when you lost your best friends after your divorce.  But, don’t take it personally.  It happens to almost every woman.  It happened to me.  It happened to a lot of my female friends.  However, you will no longer have your husband as your confidante, and family members come into any conversation with preconceived ideas.  So, you need at least one gal pal from outside your social circle.

Free places to Make New Female Friends

Most women lose half their money, half their life, and most of their friends when they call their marriages quits.  So, here are some free places where you might meet an assortment of women (and sometimes a few men).  And, after your breakup, you will need to have new girlfriends around to help you kickstart your new life. Well, every new friend is waiting somewhere on the other side of that front door. So, all you have to do is walk out your door and walk or drive somewhere where you might meet other women.

Free Travel Seminars

Many people go to seminars alone, so you would not feel out of place at one of these gatherings.  Just get online and search for “free travel classes” or “free travel seminars” in “wherever you live”.  Since I’m in Seattle, one of the first sites that pops up is SeattleFreeSchool.org.  For example, in Feb, 2012, there are two free travel classes.  One is “Traveling Nicaragua” and the other is “Exploring Tanzania”, but seminars change every month, so who knows what will be offered when you hit the site.  You might find something else unrelated to travel but just as interesting.

But, guess what?  You don’t have to actually want to go to Nicaragua or Tanzania or any other country they talk about.  You just have to go to a class, look around, and see if there is some woman who you might want to meet for a cup of coffee afterwards.  Just like dating, you might discover someone interesting or you might not.  However, you’ll never make any friends if you’re always home hiding in your bed with a book.

Go to a Dog Park

If you won the dog in your divorce settlement, this will be easy, but don’t skip this paragraph if you don’t have a dog.  Just ask your cousin Charlie if you can take his pooch to the off-leash dog park.  Most of the time, dog owners will love to have someone babysit their pup and throw the old tennis ball around.  Just make sure to talk to other people and to keep one eye on your charge at all times.  You may not meet anyone right off, but if you go to the park at the same time each week, local dog owners will start to recognize you and say, “Hi.”

Become an Amateur Photographer

This is a free activity for any woman with a camera (or with access to her sister’s camera).  Just choose an interesting part of your city or a waterfront park and walk around taking pictures.  It’s amazing how many new things you will notice when viewing your neighborhood through a lens.  And, walking around taking artsy pictures is a good way to meet people.  I absolutely guarantee that you won’t look lonely or feel alone when you have a camera. Just keep shooting until you’ve made some friends or you get good enough to sell your snaps online.

(Note: If you can’t afford a camera, get an inexpensive sketchpad and a charcoal pencil.  Who cares if you are any good…it’s a conversation starter.)

Other Places to Make Friends

  •  Free Cooking Classes:  Try Williams Sonoma (free cooking demonstrations), Whole Foods, or your local organic market.
  •  Book Clubs: Ask a librarian, check your local community center, or try meetup.com.
  •  Knitting Clubs: Usually, a yarn shop will know of a group or you can try StitchnBitch.org.
  •  Free Days at Art Museums
  •  Monthly Art Walks
  •  Unitarian Churches: These people welcome everyone from any religion.
  •  Facebook: Look up old friends.
  •  Run Errands: Chat with women in your neighborhood grocery store or laundromat.  Women are chattier than men are and they’ll probably chat back.  To start a conversation, just say, “I love what you’re wearing.”
  •  Volunteer Opportunities:  Try a green organization, a political party, an animal shelter, the United Way, or your local Habitat for Humanity.  The beautiful women in the main photo are from the United Way of the Lower Mainland in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.  Or, if you are a sorority type, consider the Junior League.  All volunteer organizations are great places to meet new people, while doing some good.

Just like meeting new men, meeting females takes a bit of moxie and a friendly smile.  However, it doesn’t cost a thing to say, “Hi,” to people.   And, remember, you won’t meet anyone while you're watching QVC.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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